How do I become a member?

For information on becoming a member click here.

How do I know which membership class is right for me?

Membership to the Jamaica Institute of Jamaica (J.I.P) is opened to the following categories of members:

Corporate Member
Student Member

Associate Member

Honorary Members

What are the benefits of membership?

To find out the benefits of membership click here.

How do I access / log onto the JIP website?

To log onto the JIP website as a member click here.

How do I become more involved with the JIP?

To learn how you can become more involved with the JIP click here.

When do I pay my annual membership subscription fee?

To find out when annual membership subscription fee is due click here.

How much is the annual membership subscription?

For information on annual membership subscription fee click here.

I am in the final year of a JIP accredited degree course – how can I claim Graduate student membership?

For information on how to claim Graduate student membership click here.

Why have I been charged a readmission fee?

Your membership has been dormant for at least a year. As a result you are being charged a fee for reactivation of your membership status.

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